A collection of Norman Mailer’s political essays, reportedly canceled by Random House, will be published by independent press Skyhorse, the Associated Press reports

A controversy surrounding the late author and planned book erupted earlier this week after journalist Michael Wolff alleged in a… article for the ankle that Random House had decided not to publish the collection after objections from a ‘junior staffer’.

The staffer, Wolff claimed, was shocked by the title of Mailer’s famous 1957 essay “The White Negro.” Mailer was a controversial figure during his lifetime; in 1960, he famously stabbed and nearly killed his then-wife.

Wolff’s article was met with skepticism by many literary observers, who doubted that a junior collaborator would have the clout to take on the famous author of The Song of the Executioner and The armies of the night

In the New RepublicAlex Shephard wrote“The available evidence suggests that the cancel culture is a fig leaf used to cover up lower concerns: namely, the fact that the essay collection would not sell enough to justify the small possibility of widespread criticism.”

Mailer’s son John Buffalo Mailer also said he doubted “cancel culture” had anything to do with Random House’s decision. to tell the New York Times“I don’t think they have any interest in canceling Norman Mailer. You can’t cancel Norman Mailer.’

Skyhorse has previously picked up books discarded by other publishers, including Blake Bailey’s biography of Philip Roth, which publisher WW Norton pulled over allegations of sexual assault against Bailey, and a memoir by Woody Allen, who is accused of murdering his daughter, Dylan Farrow. assaulted.

The collection was reportedly scheduled for 2023, to coincide with the centenary of Mailer’s birth. Skyhorse has not announced a release date for the book.

Michael Schaub is a Texas-based journalist and a regular contributor to NPR.