Oprah Winfrey has announced that Martha Beck’s… The Way of Integrity: Finding a Path to Your True Self is the latest selection for her popular book club.

Beck’s self-help book, published last year by Maria Shriver’s Penguin Life imprint the Open Field, urges readers to use the concept of integrity to improve themselves spiritually and psychologically.

“For over 15 years I have looked to Martha Beck for her wisdom and marvel at how she helps people through crises in their lives with such grace, insight and humor,” Winfrey said in a press release. “As we all navigate this turning point in our collective history, The way of integrity provides a roadmap on the journey to truth and authenticity.”

Beck, a sociologist whose previous books include: expecting Adam and Leaving the Saintsresponded to the selection of her book on Instagram, writing, “Have you read the book yet? If so, you know why I’m so excited. I put my whole soul on the page with that one in my quest to heal what there’s broken in the world, life for life. And Oprah got it. I mean, she GETS it.”

Beck and Winfrey will Gift a free, virtual “The Life You Want” class, with the power of integrity as the subject, Tuesday evening. Winfrey will continue to discuss the book on social media throughout the month.

Michael Schaub is a Texas-based journalist and a regular contributor to NPR.