Barnes and Noble has selected Noah Hawley’s Hymn as the newest choice for his book clubreports the bookseller in a press release.

Hawley’s novel, published Tuesday by Grand Central, is a thriller set in post-Covid-19 America. It tells the story of a group of young friends who escape from a mental institution on a quest to take down a villainous billionaire. A critic of Kirkus praised the novel’s “excellent action sequences” but generally found the book “too much and not enough.”

Shannon DeVito, director of books at Barnes and Noble, praised Hawley’s novel as “versatile and brilliant.”

“The unforgettable characters are accompanied by a plot as fast and clear as pop cinema,” said DeVito. “Noah Hawley writes with the bravado and literary prowess that have made him one of the most esteemed writers in American literature.”

Hawley, the creator of the TV shows fargo and Legionis the author of five previous novels, including: A conspiracy of tall menthe good fatherand before the fall

“For a novel to be successful in our modern world, it must first cut through the noise. Social media, online culture, entertainment on demand,” said Hawley. “I am grateful to Barnes [and] Noble for helping me take that crucial first step. For Hymn [to] to be singled out by this sacred institution as a remarkable book, a book to be read, not just read, is a real honor.”

Michael Schaub is a Texas-based journalist and a regular contributor to NPR.