The late, legendary author Gabriel García Márquez fathered a child whose paternity has been kept a secret for more than three decades, the Associated Press reports

García Márquez, the Nobel Prize-winning Colombian author of novels like One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the time of cholera, had a daughter in the early 1990s. The child’s mother is reportedly Susana Cato, a Mexican journalist with whom he had an affair.

The news that García Márquez had a secret daughter was announced by the Colombian newspaper El Universal and confirmed to the AP by relatives of the author, who said they had kept the public silence about her as a gesture of respect for García Márquez’s wife, Mercedes Barcha, who died in 2020.

The daughter, Indira Cato, is an award-winning documentary filmmaker living in Mexico. She is the half sister of García Márquez’s two sons, Gonzalo García and Rodrigo García; the latter wrote an autobiography about his parents, Farewell to Gabo and Mercedespublished last July.

García Márquez’s niece, Shani García Márquez, told the AP she had known about her cousin for a long time.

“She leads a very artistic lifestyle, like many people in this family,” said Shani García Márquez. “It makes us very happy that she only shone.”

Michael Schaub is a Texas-based journalist and a regular contributor to NPR.