Terry Teachout, the critic, playwright, and author known for writing about the worlds of theater and music, has died at age 65. Wall Street Journal reports

Teachout was the theater critic for the log almost 19 years old; previously he wrote for Harper’s Magazine and the New York Daily News† He was also a frequent contributor to the magazine Commentary

Are books included City Limits: Memories of a Small Town BoyThe Skeptic: The Life of HL MenckenPops: A Life of Louis Armstrongand Duke: A Life of Duke Ellington† A critic of Kirkus called the latter book “an instant classic.”

Teachout’s recent life has been marked by tragedy. His wife, Hilary Teachout, died of a rare disease in March 2020, and earlier this month, the mother of his partner Cheril Mulligan died unexpected.

Friends, readers and admirers of Teachout paid tribute to him on social media.

“This is shocking and very sad,” wrote critic Jason Zinoman. “A great critic and irreplaceable champion of the theater, the rare national critic who regularly beat regional houses across the US. Also just a lot friendlier and more generous online than anyone else.”

And writer Maud Newton tweeted“When I think of Terry, I think of his sincerity, his big, easy smile, his cheerfulness in difficult times, his serious approach to art and his openness to new experiences, new projects and, after the death of his wife Hilary, new love. I am sad. And I will miss him.”

Michael Schaub is a Texas-based journalist and a regular contributor to NPR.