Marc Brown is a three-time Emmy Award-winning author and illustrator of nearly 100 children’s books. His beloved Arthur series has been a breath of fresh air for children and adults for decades; today, the titular Aardvark and his friends appear in books, apps, and television shows in more than 80 countries around the world. Brown’s latest book, Believe in yourself (Little, Brown, January 11), is a celebration of all things Arthur and a sweet and inspiring book for young and old alike.

From ‘s Kirkus review Believe in yourself: “Life lessons, quotes and warmly rendered illustrations punctuate five sections ranging from “Believe in Yourself” to “Believe in Opening Your Eyes, Ears, and Heart” and “Believe in a Wonderful Kind of Day”… Marc Brown’s creation has earned the love and respect of generations, and most readers will find something funny in this, for example a DW quip or hilarious joke from Buster that will remind them of weekday afternoons they spent watching Arthur after finishing homework.”

In this video interview, conducted via Zoom, Brown talks about the stories behind the book’s title, how his goals Arthur have changed over the show’s 25 years (he’s had help along the way from friends, including Rep. John Lewis and Fred Rogers), and how, when it comes to finding inspiration, “there’s nothing better than real life.”